Grace Colloidal Silver

Boosts immune system

Natural antibiotic action

Promotes healthy healing process

No known side effects


Powerful, non- toxic formulation

Colloidal Silver is believed to be effective against a wide spectrum of disease causing pathogens

May be taken orally or used topically

Available in 2oz nasal spray , 4oz dropper and spray , 8oz , and 16oz in amber glass bottles

At 10 parts per million, Grace Colloidal Silver contains over 85% active silver ions as opposed to neutral, inactive silver, making this product several magnitudes of order more powerful than other colloidal silver formulations. Grace Colloidal Silver particle size ranges from .001-.006nm for the greatest bio-availability(.001-.006.nm is 1/7000-1/15,000 the size of a red blood cell or almost 100,000 times smaller than a strand of hair) Grace Colloidal Silver supports a healthy immune system, and its active silver content may boost immune function and lessen immune risks. And best of all, state-of-the-art Grace Colloidal Silver is as soothing and gentle as water.

Since ancient times, silver has been highly regarded as a premier anti-microbial tool. In ancient Greece, Rome, Phoenicia and Macedonia, silver was used extensively to control infections and spoilage. A few hundred years later (1897 to be precise), silver nitrate began to be used in America to prevent blindness in newborns, and it is still used for this purpose today. About this same time, a major discovery occurred that left a lasting purpose to the entire approach and reasoning behind silver-based health products. This discovery became known as silvers oligodynamic effect. Simply put, oligodynamic means active in very small quantities.

Research indicates that colloidal silver has the ability to intervene with select bacteria in 3 ways almost simultaneously:

1)       The bacterial membrane walls are rendered unstable, causing the bacteria cell to rupture.

2)       Simultaneously, the silver ions penetrate the membrane pores of the bacteria, causing the bacteria cell metabolism to go into partial or full arrest.

3)       As the silver penetrates further into the bacterial cell, the genetic building blocks (also known as DNA) of the germs are paralyzed, ending the ability of the invading cells to replicate.

Grace Colloidal Silver offers soothing relief when applied to: Cuts, Abrasions, Open Wounds, Scrapes, Burns, Open Sores, Eczema, Itches, Bug bites etc.

Serving Size: 1Tbsp/day to enhance immune system or as directed by your healthcare provider, 3 Tbsp/day for compromised immune system, once every 15-30min while acute, 4-7 Tbsp/day for long term immune crisis. Always hold under tongue 30 seconds before swallowing, preferably away from food and water. Dropper Bottle: 5 droppers = 1tsp  Sprayer Bottle: 30 sprays = 1tsp Sinus Spray: 3 sprays or more in each nostril 3x/day

Ingredients: Distilled ozonated water, ionic silver.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease


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